The Shadow

In the half light
You could be mistaken
For anything other
Than the person you are
The shadows hiding
The budding bruises
The dusk masking
The sodden sheets
Those dreams
Where you run
But stay on one spot
You scream
But your vocal cords
Have been cut
You claw at the sides
But stay in the well
Are a waking nightmare
An every day life you live
Those roundabouts
You spun on
Air through hair
Face upturned
Where you’d gather speed
Were the last
Real time
When you felt alive
Too many decades ago

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When I lie and stare up
Or out, down or in
And the world has become
A tumult of hate and sorrow
A powderkeg of wrath
When all that my weary soul
And tired eyes
Can see
Is pain and loss
I try with all that I am
To look past
Back and forward
To you
A light in the darkest of ages
The lily that floats
That radiates joy
For joy’s sake
It is all that I can do
To reflect that love and joy
Hoping it catches the wind
And carries to the four corners
Hoping it’s felt
Hoping it helps

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At Play

Sometimes as you play
I watch and listen
Astounded by your little worlds
Built from gold and goblins
Trees and magical shores
I want to join you
And be there hidden in that wood
Sharing your skies
And climbing your mountains
I spy your limbs
Perfection in miniature
Downy peach
And a glassy blue stare
That would floor any stony giant
A voice like sticklebricks
And toffee
Breath a cloud of icing sugar
And sleigh bell laughter
Your energy
Waking and suspending me
Watts enough to power a planet

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Coming Home

There’s no place like home
So with a flick of my heels
My ruby reds kiss
And I’m back

A soft embrace
Comfort in the ordinary
Like stepping into sheepskin slippers
The old familiar curve

Of a land I’ve walked over
A lake I’ve swam through
A depth I discovered
After searching a lifetime

I slip inside and up close
I breathe you in
And rest my lips
Shoulder to shoulder

And I sink and drift
Held and warm
Home and safe
Loving and loved

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How do I hold it in
This anger that builds
That can take down cities
And countries
With its force

How do I do as I’m told
When the telling
Is off
Disjointed and blurred
And skewed in your favour

How do I learn
When the teachers
Are my juniors
In intellect
Ability and wisdom

How do I teach
When I have no voice
Won’t be heard
Merge into the background
And have no impact

How can I be
How can I exist
How can I thrive
When you poison the well
And own the land

How can I grow
When you stem my flow
How can I fly
When you clip my wings
How will I exist

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You Will Always Be This

With all your beauty
And light
That shines, ice like
Ever present under your skin

Your glow bright
Heat rising up
And drifting

On a cotton blossom breeze
You sparkle
And shimmer
A brilliant sunrise

Snow blinding
You will always be this
Always have this
Always are this perfect

Let your joy glow
Visible and vibrant
Loving and loved
Home and safe

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Parts Of A Whole.

When the counting started
It was in whole parts
Her and her
Made them
But the numbers they grew
And the bodies piled high
While the time stretched
Over and away

So now it’s but parts
Some whole
And some halved
Those point threes
Sit next to their whole sisters
Those point threes each week
Become whole by the next
And another woman is spliced

Out across time
Those points are made whole
Those women who loved
Who were solid and alive
Whose echoes are listened to now
Their numbers are counted
And are remembered by name
Just parts of a whole no more

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