I Chose You

I chose you
I looked on your vista
And saw your Faultline
And chose you
The risks
Worth the reward
Of flying
Of driving
On a road
With no brakes
Hazards on
Through blizzards
While burning
I chose you
And you chose me
With arms linked
We dance our dance
Front to back
And back again

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See The Little Princess

Out she erupted
Kicking and screaming
Boiled lobster
Singing on the hob

A slate free of chalk
Until out came the brush
Dipped in pink
Cotton candy

Out came the ribbons
And hearts
And the sugar
And spice

And the chains
And the war paint
And the wires
And the points

Out came the drugs
And gag
The Ropes
And Camera

See the little princess
Watch her grow
See her sparkle
Watch her glow

See the little princess
Ancient now
See her finished
And take her bow

See the little princesses
Ever on show
Pink on pink
Perfect in a row

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A Better Man

I tried
You said
To be a better man
I did what I could
I did my fair share
Sat on a seesaw
Trimmed with velvet
Dripping in honey
Tipped to the heavy

I tried
You said
To be a better man
To level a playing field
Riddled with potholes
That you had a map for
And a shovel and terf
But the holes stayed unfilled
You just followed your map

I tried
You said
To be a better man
To carry the burden
Of a job you chose
Of a life you chose
Of a wife you chose
Of a path you chose
Where anything goes

Where your clothes are
And your words are
And your home is
And your food is
And your body is
Your choices yours

I tried
You said
To be a better man
While the other men
They tried too
All trying
So hard
With gentle eyes
And sincere words
And hipster beards

Men of action
Men in space
Men splitting atoms
Men cloning sheep
Men cheating death
Men with the will
To even-steven the world?
They’re still trying
Oh so very hard
They must be shattered

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It started with the golden
With the bubbles cut with acid
With the burn and the bite
With the sickly sweet
The confused fumblings
The morning rumblings
A barely there faze
And a mustard heat haze

Then the golden turned
The silver replaced
The liquid alloy
Hitting every surface
Down to the fingernails
Down to the quick
The whole lemon
Stuck in a throat

Oozing citric
From pores made to breathe
Clogged with a hurt
That dulls
With the shot
Through the chest
And the pints of pain
Dousing a raging fire

The self medication
Of the liar
Telling tales to oneself
In the long old nights
And the endless mornings
The lining failing
The skin falling away
The reasons repeated

As a mantra
The lie you repeat
In the hope of belief
The partner you have to leave
The child you must abandon
I’m your pill and your poison
Your start and your end
A bottomless well to nowhere

Put out my fire
With a run through the bitter
A biting wind to clear
The fear
Kick at the dying embers
With a love for the now
For the open and solemn
For the real and sincere

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A Little Lifeboat

There you are
A current pulling at your strings
The depths a-whirling
Coming up from the deep
You’re flotsam and jetsam
A half day in
A half day out
And every night
You ebb further away
I’ll hoist my sail
I’ll turn my hull North
And I’ll row and row
I’ll scale the waves
That beat us down
That tempt the fear
That spin us wayward
Until we’re blinded by spray
My little lifeboat
Will carry two
Your seat is safe
Throwing ropes
Throwing stones
Throwing caution
To a wind full of salt
And time, in time
Hold on, I have you

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Bending down
The old and the young
Picking up the pieces
Of a broken clock face

And a mirror
That’s frosted
With the winters
Of discontent
And summers of us

Watched and watching
Holding tight
To the reins on a child
And a prancing pony
Bolting at your hubris

Idly turning the ringlet
Through fingers
That won’t stay still
That trace an outline
Fading into grey

Pacing back and forth
On a pedestal
Facing south and north
And we fall for us
Over and over again

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Oh Daughter

Oh my
The inside that pumps
That thumps unchallenged
And then she’s outside
Beating the walls
Beating the drum
She’ll be heard
If she’ll sit in the box
That’s ticked
She’ll wait for on-air
Then she’ll speak
Singsong trilling
But my little limbs
And little sinew
Will she fit?
Her itsy bitsy fists gripping
Thumbs entangled
Mangled in hair
Can I bear it
The selling
Of the inside out
My beautiful little life
A powerhouse
Losing its charge as she runs
Hair flying behind free
Like so much seaweed
And confetti

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