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The Gap In The Writing

The welcome depth in white Pulls on the strings Tugging until sleep bellows And if the heart wants What the heart wants Why can’t mine decide It’ll laugh a little And sit back on haunches Sprung A potential energy In … Continue reading

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Woman The Verb

I am something to do A thing that is done Do her I did her I had her I am dispensable I am used I chucked her I binned her I dumped her I am a verb I am a … Continue reading

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The Lioness

I am the lioness Touch him and I’ll kill you Harm him Hurt him And I’ll skin you alive Tear your eyes out Burn your soul I am the lioness Approach me, go on, try me Do not touch me … Continue reading

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Loneliness kills From the outside in It hits the surface first Then sinks through the break in the ice Until it reaches the core And nestles in for its stay And when hands brush In the aisle Choosing ripe pears … Continue reading

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I must remember that you Are operating on your own You are not An extension of me You exist Outside of my frame That you have thoughts Feelings Hopes I must remember Your fear is yours Not mine Your joy … Continue reading

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A Year In The Life: A Poem

Sunshine Languid heat, lethargy, nylon before lycra shiny in the brightness A paddling pool with¬†dirt and grass floating Children leaping over and under A muddy sodden patch on a shared lawn Tears before bedtime, overwrought Too hot with windows opened … Continue reading

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