He covered me in my coating
It’s for your own good
A cloying, sticky layer
It’s for your own good
He prescribed a pill
Then more
A lightening bolt to the brain
A rib removed
A jaw broken
A nose reset
It’s for your own good
He bound my hands
He bound my feet
And placed me on a shelf
It’s for your own good
He filled my insides
With child after child
It’s for your own good
He wrote all the books
He sang all the songs
He read all the plays
He spoke all the words
It’s for your own good
the lie told over
And over again
Until it’s believed
Until it’s the sun rising
Until it’s the sun setting
It’s for your own good

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The Fear

We don’t talk about the fear
The gripping, piercing fear
Not a Scoobydoo scared
Not a hands in front of the face
Eyes peeping through scared
A fear that’s as old as the night
That brings the hairs to the surface
The urine to flow
Every time
We feel his voice rise
Feel his steps behind us
Feel his laughter turn clipped
Smell his breath sour
Note the change in tone
See the fists bunched
Hear him, see him, feel him
When he stands just too close
When he looks just too long
When he sits legs open
A thigh purposefully placed
Pressure applied
When he knows
What you know
When it’s there
By the 2.3 women per week
By the 85000 per year
By the mother
By your sisters
By your TV
By your radio
By your newstand
That fear?
It’s a deadly truth
Believe it

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My Question

I asked the moon my question
But she wouldn’t answer back
She carried on shining her white light
And I carried on shining my black

I asked the sun my question
And he told me to shut my mouth
So I buttoned my lip and turned on my hip
And swivelled my eyes to the south

I asked of Jupiter my question
And he laughed with a gurgle of gasses
So I turned to the north and refused to hold forth
And I screamed my question to the masses

And the call that I made to the gallery
Was a sorrow of constant pain
Of course they didn’t know the answer
So I turned to the moon once again

And she looked down on me
From her cradle so free
And she whispered – you know what is true
And I turned on my heel and walked far far away
Into the distant and blue

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Protected: Saying No

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My Women’s Room

Constantly wired
For explosion
My flight or fight
Set to run for your life
My fibrous innards coiled
With each turn of your screw
I am the Avalanche
With the door slam
I am the fear
I am the tenterhook
I am the raised hair
And the eye
That won’t stop twitching
I long with a gulping
Fraught desperation
For a quiet little space
A pale little place
With a view
Of an ocean
That locks from the
Inside out
My panic
Left on your doorstep
I long for a
Of butterfly wings
Voices whispers
To become a scree
I long to sing with them
My entrails spilt
My elastic loose
My love free

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She Said He Said

I said you only knew me
In reverse
As the absence of the there
The othering a daily chore

You said I was sensitive
Too fragile
Too quick to judge
Too emotional

I said I wasn’t born that way
The world had forced me so
Had painted me pink and white
And chopped up the easel

You said I was full of hate
Full of anger
Full of shit
Twisting your words

I said I did hate
And hate is learned
When all that you are is hated
Try dialling down that righteous anger

You said it wasn’t so
It wasn’t universal hatred
It wasn’t all men
It wasn’t

I looked you in the eye
And dared you
To stare right back
And say that with a straight face

You could not.

I’ll give you that.

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Ms World

Ms World clacks her heels
Trit-trot, click-clack
Her ankles fail
To carry the weight
Of the world

Ms world burns her soles
On the scalding glass
Of sand heated
By a sun too large
To hide from

Ms world binds her toes
And watches as the stumps
Bring joy and passion
To the eyes of the men
Staring through peepholes

Ms World straps her breasts down
Pretending they never arrived

Ms World injects her breasts with liquid sand
Her skin a coating, a gritty mix inside

Ms World hides her breasts beneath cloth
The child attached hidden too

Ms world bares her breasts
To the army and guns facing her down

Ms World chops her breasts from her form
Avoiding the death they’ll bring

Ms World worships her breasts
The only way to save her starving child

Ms World hates herself
Ms World denies herself
Ms World attacks herself
Ms world frightens herself
Ms world questions herself

In a world not built for her
Not designed for her
Where she isn’t catered for
Or heard
Ms world is the afterthought

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