The Giant

The giant came thundering down the mountain
Fists swaying from side to side
Taking out forests and towns
Collapsing bones and lungs underfoot
His weight sending the hardest heart waxen
Onwards he skipped and jumped
Raising towers, bridges, walls
Trailing his spoils behind him
Until he rests in his cradle
The self-styled mountain king
His land flat and ordered
Exactly as he’s made it
A God of all things
Of all but the she
Sitting quietly in her corner
Out of his destruction path
An onlooker spinning and weaving
And Recording his work
That she’ll share with her daughter
And her daughter’s daughter
The bedspread covering the bodies
Will recall the tale
Of The God who came crashing to earth
And who stole our world
But who failed to plunder
Our greatest of gifts
Our secret weapons of choice
Our songs, spun through thread
And our echoing Voice

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Wracking agony
Burning, ripping fear
Earpiercing cries
Soft mumbles
My heart crumbles
With every raised lip-corner
Each downwards turned sideways glance
A child made of fruit
Peach fuzz cheeks
Strawberry scent
Mint Kisses
A peachpit heart
Solid and ready to grow
When it’s planted
And when it’s ready
I’ll be your Fence
Your barbed wire
Your wolfhound
Your Gatekeeper
Greyback, Lupine
I’ll keep watch over your pack
While the moon rises
No surprises
I’ll hear
And be there
Your wolfmother

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Living in free fall
In that moment
Hair whipped back
Terminal velocity
Playing its tricks
I chose this time
When the blackbirds
Were tuning up
And you would he fitful
But sleeping
I chose it well
A minimum fuss
A maximum truss
Holding me up up and away
A cord-free Bungee
No bouncing back
For this rubber ball
Under chair legs
Along the skirting
And out the porch
Over and out
Breathe your words
And wave goodbye

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Two little amber beads
Darting left and right
Finding a point
In the middle distance
Almost too far
Her legs a beat behind the thought
To be there instead of here
A tulip, purple
Living in her chest
Opens and closes
Shutter speed
Its petals fraying
With the close
There instead of here
Here, where the smell is
Where the heat is
The butchers back room
On a forest floor
Pine needles for tiles
Red and black
Red and white
Red and russet
Red and pain
Red and noise
Red and nothing
so running
And pounding
And begging
And two ambers eyes
Surrounded by an ivory ring
Of terror
Meet their mark
And she’s in
And she’s down
And the horn of the beast
Cries out
As he misses his prey
The beast with fifteen dog heads
Fifteen horse heads
And fifteen heads of men
The two amber eyes close
The purple tulip slows
And she waits
For the manyheaded one to tire
Of the wait with no spoils
And saunter back
To its castle

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Crow Road

The Crow’s black back
All brittle shine
Arches as she climbs
Staring down at the ants
Playing their war games
On her path
A murder of her
Away the Crow Road
No perch to be found
And a heat tarry
A barrel scraped
She dips and coils
Feathers oil
Black then green
Leaving a jetstream
Of pollen and rust
In her fretful wake

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He picks her up
And he strokes her
And he says – purr for me
She bristles
Hair on end
Giving him a flash of green
You’re wild he smiles
I’ll break you in
Fill out your bones

And he strokes her
Pet, showcat
And when she cries
He locks her out
And when she scratches
He wraps her up
In an embrace
That feels like drowning
In a bag
Nine times and forever

When she runs
He finds her
By her tag and tales
So she paces and retraces
And finds a path untrodden
And while he’s sleeping
She steps out
Into the night
Under the halogens
And she’s gone

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The Men To My Left

Oh these tragedies
You cry
Wringing your smooth hands
The cuticles trimmed

Those poor women
How dreadful
It’s our involvement
In the politics of others
The lives of others
Our greed and thirst for oil
You wail

Not mine

And you pace
Back and forth
A tortured soul
With a cleanly shaved jaw
and steely eyes the smile won’t reach

Those poor women
While you fold your paper
Lean back
And breathe in your coffee

And a silent scream
The scream of knowing
Sits like a bullet
Resting on my tongue

Own it I scream
Own it
And then I see
You already do
And you’re trading it
Every day

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