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The ConDems; If you’re going to Lie, make it a big one.

I’m getting beyond exhausted with fighting the tide of people who continue tell me these “austerity measures” must be maintained because we have a duty to pay back what we owe. Even now, even after seeing what is being done … Continue reading

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Guest Post; Domestic Abuse And Guilt.

A heartfelt guest post from the lovely and kind “daftmamma” – you can find her on Twitter as @Angeline1611 _________________________________________________________________________________________ I wish my Dad had died 5 years ago… Shocking? hard to hear ? Well its the truth. Let me explain … Continue reading

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He didn’t Just Snap

When I read headlines on Domestic Violence and they contain the immortal words; “He Just Snapped” – it will very often contain the following; “out of character”, “isolated incident”. The reporting of Domestic Violence is not doing anything to stem the … Continue reading

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No. You may not come in; a poem.

Why do we so often only hear the voices in bold? Why do their words drown out the voices that are not. You can’t come in. “But you invited me in last week” Today I don’t want you here “But … Continue reading

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Loss and kindness

Last year a very good friend of my husband died. She was 37. She had been his girlfriend for 18 months when they were in their 20s. She’d moved back to Austria and they’d stayed in touch. She, her husband … Continue reading

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Means tested Child Benefit? You’re picking the wrong fight.

Before I launch into this post headfirst, please let me caveat what I am about to say; I am not an expert in the benefits system, nor government public and social expenditure I am not poor, nor am I destitute … Continue reading

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