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On Exercising Empathy

I would like to try a little exercise with you. I would like you to try on some shoes. Most of them won’t fit, they’ll be too small but putting aside practicalities for a moment we can metaphorically slip them … Continue reading

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It Was Not

It was not the bottle of wine Who turned me over in bed And forced entry It was not my high heeled shoes Who groped my breasts Without warning It was not my eyeliner Who stuck its tongue In my … Continue reading

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Woman The Verb

I am something to do A thing that is done Do her I did her I had her I am dispensable I am used I chucked her I binned her I dumped her I am a verb I am a … Continue reading

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Can you hear the Sirens coming?

When the siren rang out I didn’t hear it Couldn’t possibly hear It was stifled by the blinkers and the head in the clouds The alarm bells that were ringing from the day I stepped into the world Didn’t hear the hate … Continue reading

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A hope that one day the fear won’t be waiting for us.

A balmy damp night in August, I’m 22 and for another night on the trot I’m toppling home alone after being out at a club. I’m drunk and I’m wired, my ears ringing from the speakers I’d been dancing too … Continue reading

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The unbearable lightness of being a feminist (or not)

Forgive the following analogy, it sounded clunky even when I’d edited it 15 times, but it says how I feel; my discovering I’m a feminist makes me feel like I did when I got a new (old) car. Suddenly I … Continue reading

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Benefits, unemployment and the smokescreen of a divide and conquer government

I grew up in an exceptionally poor family by most UK standards. My well educated but rudderless parents were living in a squat in Brighton when I was born, 2 years later when my brother came along we moved to … Continue reading

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