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On Exercising Empathy

I would like to try a little exercise with you. I would like you to try on some shoes. Most of them won’t fit, they’ll be too small but putting aside practicalities for a moment we can metaphorically slip them … Continue reading

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It Was Not

It was not the bottle of wine Who turned me over in bed And forced entry It was not my high heeled shoes Who groped my breasts Without warning It was not my eyeliner Who stuck its tongue In my … Continue reading

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The murmering The shuffling Grew in volume And Irony looked down from his bench Gavel hovering Disdain,¬† boredom A hint of disgust etched into his furrows You knew his words before spoken They’d been said a million times Echo after … Continue reading

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When you track back and try to figure out the root cause of a terrible experience at the hand of another, the risk is that you’ll start with “I did X…or Y and it caused Z, rather than he/she chose … Continue reading

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