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Egg Wash

Oh how wonderful will it feel To egg wash you To hold that capsule of lifegiving viscous Gently in my palm And to hurl it Miniature rugbyball-like Through the air Slow motion To see it splinter against your temple Full … Continue reading

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Just Four Years

The Day was the sixth of May The year Two Thousand and Ten Up and down this land Of people old and new Choices were being wedged Through slits in boxes Nails in coffins Lives on rubbish heaps We threw … Continue reading

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They said you had wept Did you really Could you weep? I don’t know how you sleep With a signing of your name A generation falls Hunger spreads from town to city From school to school Bringing with it An … Continue reading

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The ConDems; If you’re going to Lie, make it a big one.

I’m getting beyond exhausted with fighting the tide of people who continue tell me these “austerity measures” must be maintained because we have a duty to pay back what we owe. Even now, even after seeing what is being done … Continue reading

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Sleep walking into catastrophe. A call to The Labour Party to step up.

In the USA, as soon as the election is won or lost the campaigning starts for the next bid to be nominee for the President…in 4 years time. We have approximately 2.5 years until our next general election and I’m … Continue reading

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