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They said you had wept Did you really Could you weep? I don’t know how you sleep With a signing of your name A generation falls Hunger spreads from town to city From school to school Bringing with it An … Continue reading

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Sharing a room of one’s own

When I was 10, my mum and dad sent me and my little brother out to play. As was the way in that time we disappeared out for a handful of hours into the sun. When we got back we … Continue reading

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Means tested Child Benefit? You’re picking the wrong fight.

Before I launch into this post headfirst, please let me caveat what I am about to say; I am not an expert in the benefits system, nor government public and social expenditure I am not poor, nor am I destitute … Continue reading

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Sleep walking into catastrophe. A call to The Labour Party to step up.

In the USA, as soon as the election is won or lost the campaigning starts for the next bid to be nominee for the President…in 4 years time. We have approximately 2.5 years until our next general election and I’m … Continue reading

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Benefits, unemployment and the smokescreen of a divide and conquer government

I grew up in an exceptionally poor family by most UK standards. My well educated but rudderless parents were living in a squat in Brighton when I was born, 2 years later when my brother came along we moved to … Continue reading

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