Sound That Changed Me Part 2 

I rest my head against the window
Refusing eye contact with my opposite
Taking in countryside
Drowning out the conversations
About lovers
And ham
And fencing
And accounts
With thoughts of yesterday
Staying in my head
Keeping my blinkers steady
My eye fixed on the stain
Three inches to the left
Of the man facing me to my right
And then I hear it
The sound of breath held
And tears plugged
The holding back
Of the deluge
And I look under my lashes
Side-eyeing and I catch it
The tear drop
Making its way down the nose
Of the man in his suit
You’re turned just away
Staying in your lane, I in mine
But ever so slightly
I respond to your sound
I place my hand on the table
And stretch my little finger
Until it touches yours
And I leave it there
And you leave yours
Your heaving breaths slow
Your chest falls and rises in calm
We sit, finger to finger
Peace passed between us
The train pulls in
And you stand up
And step away

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