Fragments Of You

It was a quickening of the beat
They said
Then a slowing
Then a stop
It was fast they said
But it lasts for ever
In almond eyes
In little grips
That opened up
And became beautiful hands
That tinkered pianos
And guitars
That sang your songs
And breathed in your scent
Of Rosewater and Jasmine
That he’d tipped onto a scarf
For those two little-fisted urchins
To have something of your essence
In the shape of a collarbone
In the hard on soft
The wood under velvet
And they’ll remember the feet around waist
The jutting hip holding their weight
Heavy heads resting on shoulders
And they’ll hurry backwards
Flitting through the days
To capture you in stopmotion
The negatives fading
That autumn held in a million bubbles
Of photographs and perfume
Of necklaces and pletrums
Of diaries and youtube clips
Of nailpolish and half-used lipsticks
Of the kohl pencil that your girl will try
One day, a Tuesday ten years from now
And she will draw your eye
On her eye
And she’ll watch you
Watching her

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