Two little amber beads
Darting left and right
Finding a point
In the middle distance
Almost too far
Her legs a beat behind the thought
To be there instead of here
A tulip, purple
Living in her chest
Opens and closes
Shutter speed
Its petals fraying
With the close
There instead of here
Here, where the smell is
Where the heat is
The butchers back room
On a forest floor
Pine needles for tiles
Red and black
Red and white
Red and russet
Red and pain
Red and noise
Red and nothing
so running
And pounding
And begging
And two ambers eyes
Surrounded by an ivory ring
Of terror
Meet their mark
And she’s in
And she’s down
And the horn of the beast
Cries out
As he misses his prey
The beast with fifteen dog heads
Fifteen horse heads
And fifteen heads of men
The two amber eyes close
The purple tulip slows
And she waits
For the manyheaded one to tire
Of the wait with no spoils
And saunter back
To its castle

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2 Responses to Vixen

  1. Black Metal Valkyrie says:

    Hey, I love your poems. I was wondering if you would consider writing a poem from Hera’s perspective of when she was put in golden chains by Zeus.

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