I stared at the oval of you
With the woodsmoke pinholes peeping out
I cried a puddle of fury into your hair
And watched it travel into the creases of the neck
Cradled as I washed you
Whilst sleeping
But awake
A twilight state
A molewoman
A skeleton coated in dough
With acid coursing
And fire hiding in ribbing
Desperate to escape

I stared at the oval of me
Your mirror
Held under a magnifying glass
with the sun beating down
The ant
Pinched between finger and thumb
Of the child
Watching me burn
And the heat building
As the sirens wailed
Ignoring the screetch
No eyes searching for the exit
Waiting for the calm

Which comes on the 73rd day
When I’ve wrapped the thread
Around the 4 fingers
When I’ve tightened it
Until the fingers blue feel nothing
When it comes I’ll bank it
Those feathery snowflakes landing
On my cheeks sinking in like lead
And I wake with an urgent panic
But you’re there by my side
Looking at me, looking at you
Knowing me
Your Mirror

For LH with love.

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