Ms World

Ms World clacks her heels
Trit-trot, click-clack
Her ankles fail
To carry the weight
Of the world

Ms world burns her soles
On the scalding glass
Of sand heated
By a sun too large
To hide from

Ms world binds her toes
And watches as the stumps
Bring joy and passion
To the eyes of the men
Staring through peepholes

Ms World straps her breasts down
Pretending they never arrived

Ms World injects her breasts with liquid sand
Her skin a coating, a gritty mix inside

Ms World hides her breasts beneath cloth
The child attached hidden too

Ms world bares her breasts
To the army and guns facing her down

Ms World chops her breasts from her form
Avoiding the death they’ll bring

Ms World worships her breasts
The only way to save her starving child

Ms World hates herself
Ms World denies herself
Ms World attacks herself
Ms world frightens herself
Ms world questions herself

In a world not built for her
Not designed for her
Where she isn’t catered for
Or heard
Ms world is the afterthought

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