Queens Of The Mountain

I couldn’t get to The Mountain
So you fearlessly brought it to me
Placed me at its foot
And said climb

You showed me where
And how
You pointed at who
And what I must do

My footing never sure
You never explained why
The reason for the journey
You wouldn’t tell me why

Why the mountain
Why the need for the mountain pass
Why the need for counsel
Why the need for you

I scaled midway up
Had an ariel view
And I found the answer
Staring down to the upturned faces

All battling with the rock
Some on ledges
Others tumbling down
The first steps always guided

While the whirling blades
Were abseiling them in
Dropping those men
Onto the summit

Landing atop surveying us
While we climbed and climbed
With barely a toehold to start
Exhaustion taking us at the peak

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