Still Counting

I put one bare foot in front of the other
The blades damp, reaching up
Between my toes
The trickles over the tops of my feet
The breeze on my bare skin
Taking a layer off
Peeling away the dirt
And the time
Washing off your evil, mundane work
Your everyday behaviour
Your daily beatings
You, the perfect father
You, the loving husband
You, who broke me
Staring up the skies join the rooftops
Those tiled lids balancing
On a solid base
Housing all manner of ills
I float a little
Feel a dull buzzing
Then I rise
Seeing myself laid out on a ground
A peace falling
And my goodbyes are made
I fly higher
Over the London Eye
The buildings filled with men
Counting beans
Instead of us
They should be counting us
Summing our parts to a total
But higher and higher I climb
The reds and golds stunning me
Racing now I’m gone
Free on the wind

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