A Black Rainbow

Oh but I wish
I could be climbing Jacob’s ladder
Poised to slide down the dark rainbow
Black and crystal
An endless tumble down
To earth through storms
With a ringing in my ears

This longing comes and goes
The need hot
The echo of the need
Building goosebumps
Pouring vinegar
In oil
And stirring

All that want and fear
Never emulsifying
Sitting side by side
A yes and no
Cracked glass limbs
Cradling a tiny being
Fragile vulcanised rubber
Lost without love

I am needed
And I am wanted
But I’m a sailor lost
In a bathtub
Unable to scale the sides
Or pull at the plug
Only dive down deep
Among the weeds and stones

When wealth is a measure of worth
And success bartered
When my time is for sale
And my mind is an addled stew
That can be sold
To the lowest bidder
I’ll jump at the chances
To dance with the lightning

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