The Metal Yard

Coat me in gold leaf
The edible kind
For I am consumable
Unwrap me
And devour

Sprinkle me with silver sugar balls
That live atop cakes
For I am decorative
A luxury
A bad habit

Brush me with bronze
Burnish me in steel
Watch my copper oxidise
And my iron rust
As I stand out facing the storm

Wrap me in arms
Held at their length
Breathe in my collarbones
And swallow my heartbeat
A metronome to count on

Lift me and swing me
Sway me and move me
Convince me of a truth told
Or I’ll dance far far away
Out of this metal yard

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5 Responses to The Metal Yard

  1. Zanna says:

    Reminds me of this:
    “extraction is an ideology, gendered and gendering”
    And of Alice Walker’s writing in The Temple of My Familiar where she imagines that in early human times most Africans felt that the earth was like a body that needed all its organs. The ore-diggers went north…

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