It Was Not

It was not the bottle of wine
Who turned me over in bed
And forced entry

It was not my high heeled shoes
Who groped my breasts
Without warning

It was not my eyeliner
Who stuck its tongue
In my mouth uninvited

It was not the clock
Striking 2am
Who pushed me to the floor

It was not my dress
It was not the time

It was not the unit count
It was not my make up

It was not my smile
Or my eyelashes

It was not my breasts
Or my legs

It was not my black underwear
Or my glossy lips

It was you
And your choice

It was him
And his disdain

It was him
And his arrogance

It was you
And your entitlement

It was you in your world
Your echo of “mine”

Your culture of take
Your culture of rape

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4 Responses to It Was Not

  1. tiffany267 says:

    Reblogged this on Tiffany's Non-Blog and commented:
    Such an eloquent way of putting it.

  2. Norah says:

    This is such an important and powerful message well expressed!

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