Which Buttons To Push

Stepping into the elavator
Replete with glass ceiling
Constantly intact
I look around me
Deciding which buttons to push
Which will lift me to the top
Which will cascade me down
To the basement
Waiting for others to step on and off
To have just enough room to
Squeeze in for the next stop
Where I’ll be pushed out
By overwhelming numbers
Of my fellow travellers
Up only so far
And then a plummet
Crammed and bustled
The bodies unwanted
Pushed up against me
Jostled and felt
Jump off at the next stop
Just to escape
Which buttons to push
Which ones will lift me up
Past the middle floors so full
I step out
And search for the stairs
A longer
More tiring journey
Many years in its making
With fire doors on every landing
Escape routes
Until I find an unlocked door
And step through
To the other side

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