The Answer

When you pop the bubblewrap
And the air is released
When you lift the stones
One by one
And look underneath
What’s there?
Is it of substance
Or does it float away
On a wave of exhaustion
And exhilaration?

When you open that door
And you look inside
Can you hold it
And feel it with your fingers?
Or does it dart out of reach
And hide behind the curtains
Waiting for you to pull them back
To let the daylight in
Or the night back out
To its own devices

When you answer that call
That you make to yourself
Does it explain to you?
Do you hear those words
Or do you deny the language
A tongue unknown to you?
Do you turn them over
Re-bind them and re-write them
So they make sense
To you and the world

Will you start to hear
Will you choose to listen
To your own little voice
The one so quiet
And recessed?
Will you answer her
And believe her
And tell her it’s ok
Will you forgive her and give her the answer?
The one to the question she’s been asking for ever

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