The Pandemic

When the death was reported there
Up and to the left
The beating was ignored over here
Down and to the right
A strangulation left unsolved
And a “go home get some rest…
Sleep on it…”
Was the answer that night
An isolated incident
An “innocent” victim
Is there any other kind?
But another beating overlooked
And a lack of evidence piled up
To the moon and back
In the wilds a rape
In the west a rape
The southeast
The north
Another and another
But this hand
Doesn’t control that hand
And this eye turns blind
To the other
This ear hears
And that ear ignores
When that man rapes that child
And that man
Beats this woman
And those men sell these girls
And this man buys them
Towns and cities
Counties, countries
Worlds and lives
Separate them
So they walk on
In new costumes
The same names
Just new homes
And free

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