Neither Up Nor Down

When you were up you were up
And when you were down you were down
And when you took the little pills
You’d melt into the edges
A marshmallow king
Soft, pliable, mailable

The ups bringing excitement
An energy that filled the room
The threat of tipping over
Ever present
But lights and colour
Would bound and bounce

The downs bringing a sorrow
That physically hurt
To see such pain
And desolation
Etched on a face I loved
I love

And the spirals
The pitfalls
The whatnots to avoid
Dealt an exhausting hand
Only a one way street
The curbs stopping a reverse

Oh and the postponements
So many invites rejected
So many impulse trips
Purchases binned
So many hurt feelings

The halfwayups
More frequent
A true respite
Missing the ups
But so grateful
To be free from the downs

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