Which Doll

Am I the Tiny Tears
Who can cry on demand
Am I Barbie
With my impossible hips
Pert breasts
And blow job lips
Or Sindy, a dirty Barbie for the
Am I Pollyanna
So eager to please
Or a corndolly
Fashioned from the throw away
A peg-doll for the poorest
Am I Marchpane, my eyes wide open
Blue glass and feather lashes
Seeing but dead behind
A china doll, ever ready to shatter
Am I a blow up, a castaway
To Fuck, wash and re-use
Or a rag doll
To toss about and wipe the floor with
A wax doll
To pierce, barb and control
Or a baby doll
To dress up in my blue
Am I your Matryoshka
One hidden within another
And another
Which one am I?
Which doll are you?

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