Making Peace

Looking in and me looking back out
Catching the ever present twinkle
That time and tide has not diminished
Lines carved from smiling often
And frowning
And concern
Blowing smoke-rings in my twenties
At soul nights
Leaving spider tracks around my lips
Oh I loved loved loved to smoke
A filthy pleasure
The ricepaper skin cloaking eyes
Milky and faded
But still sharp
No longer bothering
To dust with iridescent blues and greens
A peacock
Resting below my brow
Lips that love to kiss
To breathe in the smell
Of those babes born
Through my line
That choice I made that
Rolled me down my hill
With joy
And love
I look at me, at her
And tell her
You’ve lived it well
You’ve grabbed it kicking and screaming
You’ve escaped
So the next path?
A cakewalk

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