Labour At Sea

What shocked was the heat
You were boiled
A coiled spring
Potential energy
The slap that stings

You were a copper penny
Dropped from a height
Into a wishing well
A weight falling through me
A cannon ball resting on a pinhead

And the wave after wave
Pulling me under
And then lifting me on its crest
Ride it she called to me
To my ears underwater, thudding blood

The hours only wound up the tide
Willing it to drive harder
And crash on my shores faster
The sea in me
Deep, an underwater cave

I gave the sea my everything
She cut me back to my raw
She made me animal
Howling to the cheapseats
Howling to the gallery

And when bone scraped on bone
When the tiny but vast seacreature
Slid forth
That sea held me up on her spume
The salt buoyant

My heart soaring and
Burning a shadow
Once tied to the deck became
A seabird watching the wreck below
Free and balanced on calm winds

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