Just Four Years

The Day was the sixth of May
The year Two Thousand and Ten
Up and down this land
Of people old and new
Choices were being wedged
Through slits in boxes
Nails in coffins
Lives on rubbish heaps

We threw away our keys
And our consciences
When we believed the lies
About taxes
And immigrants
Scroungers and shirkers
We failed our weakest
And most vulnerable

We sleep walked into
Third and fourth generation poverty
Foodbanks and charity shops
Lighting our paths
Hunger claiming us
The desperate begging
With eyes cast down
Thrown to the wolves on our streets

That run red with the blood
Of those left behind
Forgotten and lost
Alone and hopeless
While these imposters
These pretenders to the throne
Feast while we fast
Gloat while we cower

They laugh while we weep
They condemn while we try
To survive
To make do and mend
The divide so pronounced
Leaves a gaping hole too wide to leap
Too deep to climb out of
Insurmountable loss

A fathomless pain
Too hard to endure
In just four years
So much neglect and anger
A lifetime needed to recover
In just four years
So many disappeared
Statistics to be played

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One Response to Just Four Years

  1. and they know
    if we all banded together
    they wouldn’t stand a chance.

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