Your Sister, Daughter, Mother

What if she were your
Sister, daughter, mother?
Oh yes, yes, yes
What if?

Valued above all else
Could you hurt
Those sisters, daughters, mothers?
Would you?
Do you?
Will you?

That other girl
Those other women
Daughters of Them
Sisters of Theirs
Rendered worthless
Unless owned by you

The day arrived and passed
Centuries ago
When women knew
They were known
Only in relation
A reference point
As a role
Never of or for themselves

You set your stall out and you
Told the world
And the world listened
Of Course
To You, the big I AM
Saviour; The Man
And you told us how it would be

Not on my watch
You bellowed
But maybe on yours
You thought
I’ll take care of my own you muttered
The rest are left up for grabs

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