Smudge Me Off The Page

When you make me
You break me
You smudge me off the page
With your thumb
Held under it
The mouse’s tail tip
Trapped while the feet frantically
Grasp for a toehold
Finding only sawdust and feathers
Limitless inconsistency

When you dismiss me
You hollow me out
No weight behind me
No decisions my own
No outcome my choice
My world isn’t
It’s yours and you’re in it
Among it
I’m on the periphery
With no route into the maze you built

When you laugh
At my misfortune
The prizes for simply existing
Already stacked by your logpile
You reduce me
To the light entertainment
The disposable
The paper aeroplane
Destined to fly too close to the ceiling
Balled up and binned

The belittling of my sorrow
My Shame
The ignoring of my truths
And the othering of my pain
Sends me childlike under the bed
Peering out at the ankles
Of the grownups
Who choose my enterprises
Set my wheels in motion
And roll me down their hills

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