Your Cave

When the day stretches out like the Arctic Tundra
And you cut the hours by function



But you can’t

And you barely do
Pulling a jumper over night shirt

Try to eat
Try to stand
Lie back down
And stare
Out into the space between land and sky
Into a past
Where the aloneness didn’t cripple
Where freedoms were a choice

It’s only 10am
And the night dragged
A clawing at your inner clock
Removing the batteries so a lifetime passed in those 12 hours

The coffee after coffee after coffee
The mindless TV
Feeling like you really must see daylight
Without the energy
To face the distorted features
Or the stares and watchings

So you sink back into the cushions
Tracing the artex
With a fingertip
Seven feet from the rough
Raised arches you’ve watched
For a thousand years
Every inch known with eyes closed
Your landscape
Your cave
Your safe

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