Love is a bruising behind the ribs
A flooring and the wind knocked forth
It’s popping candy on the tongue
It’s stepping out of the cinema to greet the blinding summer sun face on
It’s fat raindrops on warm concrete
After a clap of thunder in a heatwave
It’s a rush of saliva
From a lime slice
And a silk slip on bare skin
It’s the heat of a cheek so soft
You can’t tell where yours ends and theirs starts
It’s a constant verse of two
Through the night
Until dawn
When all your cards have been played
Face up on the table
It’s weightlessness on an ebbing tide
And it’s dead legs climbing out of the pool
It’s the arms you reach for
The name you call for
In the cold sweats of the night
Love is everything new
And all you’ve ever known before
Love is the circle squared
And time frozen
Love began us
And it’s where we will finish

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