This Girl

This girl over here
That girl over there
Hear the same tone
The same degradation
As the girls
Young and old
Blush of skin
Across a spectrum
Our sliding scale
Of hate from the outside in
Links across lands
Across oceans
Up hills
And down into the depths
Of a world
By the girls before us
And those walking them now
Dressed head to toe
Or bodies
Exposed to the elements
Their ears still ringing
With those words reserved only
For women and girls
And when the night falls
It falls on her and her
And me and you
The moon stares down
On her and them
And us
And our dreams and hopes
Are stopped in their tracks
In their own unique ways
The same and different
But the pain of a love unrequited
Is felt as keenly in the East
As the West
South or North
A slap as sharp
A lost daughter
Or mother
Or child
As devastating
A birth
A graduation
A lifetime filled with loved ones
As wonderous

This poem has been selected for publication in the Muslim Women’s Network UK’s anthology project, title to be updated when available;. You can find more about their organisation here:

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