When did I become normal?
Was it when my insides were out
Knees on the floor
Retching forth my soul
When I bleached the dark to light
When I tore hair from the roots
When I paid the man
To cut into my sides
When I wasted away
When I craved throughout the night
When I held onto the ledge
To steady myself
To save from falling
Was it when
I used the toxic slime
On my skin
Above the place made for breath
To lighten the miniscule
Dusting of feathery hair
Was it when the lasers
Removing the marks
From my birth
Was it when the needle pierced my lips
Pouting in protest
Or when my other lips
Were seared
When the mounds of liquid sand
Were wedged
Under my skin
Over my ribs
When I put out
And shut up
Did I become normal then?

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2 Responses to Normal

  1. huma121 says:

    Very powerful and eloquent. Thank you for sharing.

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