Words And Words And Words

You smuggled In the words
Via a backdoor
I knew the actions
The smash and grab
The bitter slaps
Across cheek by jowl
I’d built up defenses
For those assaults on the senses

But the words
A poison quicksilver
Slip-sliding into my ears
Finding the nooks
Where light won’t work
Where night is at home
In its dastardly

Those words
Little pellets of hate
Wormed in and fixed
Come out to play

When I’m least prepared
When I’m dressing
Waiting in queues
Driving to school
Meeting colleagues
Kissing my lover
You filthy stinking whore

Words and words and words
Reality from fiction
You bitch
Manipulative spoiled piece of work
Fat and worthless
Wanted by no-one
Aging spent and vile

Each staccato finding its target
Drained of blood
As good as dead
Wishing it were so

Words and words and words
The death by a thousand tiny vowels
A coward’s weapon of choice
And deadly
Leaving wounds that last
A lifetime

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