Atê-Goddess Of All

Zeus sent me down
With a flick of his wrist
He turned the tide
And left me spent
On the shore
Just threads on my bones

Want your freedom?
It’s yours he spat

But my beguiling smile
I used it well
To court favour
And eat

He knew
They knew
The realm of men
Keeping their freedoms
Close to the bone

But I spoke
And sung
And told my little tale
Through dance and verse
And the written word

Teachings spreading
To the four corners
To the ears held close to the ground

And our language shared
Was built upon
Great towers and bridges
Connecting the dots
And we loved
And learned
My sisters

A battleground
To cover this world of man
Woven into the fabric
Of us

The freedom ours
Fought for
Sought for
Bought with the blood
Of the countless millions
The billions

I arrived with only my smile
I’ll leave when I have it all

My seas
My land
My horizons
Our spinning rock which was taken
Against will
Shall be returned

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