Counting Dead Women

Brown eyes
A blow to the head
Blue eyes
Blunt trauma
Green eyes
Hazel eyes
Systematic abuse and suicide

Old skin
Young skin
Slapped and scratched
Smooth skin
Burned with matches

A young body raped
An old body raped
The youngest body raped

On and on and on and on
Counting dead women
Dead children
At the hands of men

Crimes punishable with their deaths
The crime of being women
The crime of being children
The crime of being

2 lost in a week
Every week
Count those women
Know those women
Hear those women
Be their voices

They were ignored then
We are their voices now
We count them
But never are they numbers
Those women we lost

The link to The Counting Dead Women petition can be found here:

And the link to Karen Ingala Smith’s blog, detailing those individual women one by one can be found here:

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One Response to Counting Dead Women

  1. Reblogged this on flyingontherainbow and commented:
    A brilliant poem from my extraordinarily talented Twitter friend Cat. Much resonance today.

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