While You Were Waiting

While you were waiting
For the world to change
For the better
While you put your faith in men
Educated and socialised
In the self-same hallowed halls
While you gave them your votes
While you believed the critique
We died
In our droves
Had our outsides sliced
Our insides sucked out
Or skewered
We shouted into a void
With no volume control
We bleached
And sanded
We drowned in a sea of silicone
And died weekly by the hands of those
With the money
With the strength
With the pass to continue
A death of millions
A pandemic
No World Health Organization
Could stem
So very many causes
A myriad symptoms
While we sat back and accepted
While we stayed silent
Only some survived the flood
The virus
Only some
So many names to write on the wall of the fallen
Too many to add
Not enough marble
Left in those ravaged hills

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