A Woman Scorned

Look at me
A walking cliche`
Keeping my stunned head held high
Absorbed the sucker punch that was;

It meant nothing

I meant nothing

Our first kiss
Our first night
Our first home
Our first anniversary
Our first child
Meant nothing

So why?
As if I don’t get bored
As if I don’t think about other men

You don’t know why
You don’t know why?
Placing your dick into a wholly different body
You don’t know why
You hid it for so long

So what about HOW
How could you?
You don’t know how?
Maybe you just tripped and fell

The anger comes
It builds
I’ll let it in
Fester for a while
Then I’ll let it out

Be the woman scorned
In lipstick, heels and velvet
Here’s what you’re missing
The woman of your dreams
Those dreams from long ago
That became recurring
So you sought another sleep
The exhaustion that creeps
Is coming
It’s wearing and tiring
And I’m not fit for purpose
And you go on
Still unknowing of the why or the how

And I forgive
Because I have to
Because a home
And a child
And another child
Need me to
But watch yourself
Sleep light
One eye open
Forever looking over your shoulder
Forgiveness is only a word
I haven’t quite learned yet how to live it

Until I do
Watch your back

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2 Responses to A Woman Scorned

  1. Jeanne de Montbaston says:

    I love this. Especially the ‘scorned/adorned’ bit.

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