The Role Of A Lifetime

Oh so bossy
But no, not the boss
The hysterical emotional blackmailer
Not a rational directed anger
Justified and real
Oh no

A shameless slut
Not a girl out with friends
Irresponsible not carefree
Weak not sensitive
Manipulative not honest
Whiny not vocal
Bitchy not candid
Slutty not confident
A prude not self defining

A mother; free labour
A voluntary job in the home
You must love it
Must revel in your hard fought autonomy
Queen of your castle
How could you not?
Why would you want to escape
If only for a day
Where is your mothering instinct?
Did you bury it in your perfectly pruned garden?

Not fit for purpose
Your purpose defined by your role
As mother
As woman
As a female co-worker
A painted ornament
The world knows you’re so very fragile
Yet affords no protection
From the rule makers
The rule breakers
Their scribes
And their henchmen

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