They said you had wept
Did you really
Could you weep?
I don’t know how you sleep

With a signing of your name
A generation falls
Hunger spreads from town to city
From school to school

Bringing with it
An unspeakable anger
In 2013
Your people go hungry

Your people
My people
Our people
Us, not you, not yours

WE go hungry
Break into bits
Get left behind

You send the dying
And fragile
To work
A Victorian factory

Not you and yours
You and yours get fatter
Get richer
Are saved

The lifeboats get built
But not in our shipyards
Long gone
Those lifeboats made

For you and yours
Bailing out
With wallets not buckets
Carrying you and yours

We stay behind
In queues
In person
On phones unmanned

Ignored to ring
And ring out
Wrung dry
Husks of people

You’ve taken everything
The proverbial stone bled out
You’ve stolen hope
Left desolate cities

And clever clever you and yours are
While we are

Skivers and shirkers
Your vilifying names sticking
Like shit to shoes
On the streets left to rot

You have thieved, conned
You and yours have stripped us for parts
Used to rewire your second homes

So sleep well
Weep well for the camera
Shame will find you
It always does

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2 Responses to Condemned

  1. brokenbutbeingrepaired says:

    Can only hope that shame *does* find IDS, Gideon, and the rest.

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