We, the ticking timepieces

There is a clock
Resting within each and every one of us
Night and day
Ticking away

Some perish on the first quarter hour
Others don’t make it past the setting of hands in motion
Others survive through winding after winding
Chime upon chime

Most ignore our clocks
Letting the ticking merge into the muttering throng of the day to day
By day
Only when the hour hands strike
Do we remember that the next winding
May not come

The alarm staying true to its word
Triggers an underwater panic
A ripple just below the surface
An if
A what
A when
But the alarm finishes
Leaving the pregnant pause
The ticking starts anew
We move on to a near distraction
Saving the thoughts until the next bell toll

We’re not unique
All just little ticking timepieces
In time and out of time
Set at our own speeds
Some with sprung coils
Some slow
Some fast
Some making history
Timing the exploits
Ringing in the changes

Your clock will tick whether its heard or not
Know its there
Keep it ticking in time
Count the chimes
Enjoy the bells
They come fewer but closer together

Ringing in the end of days
Ringing in the close

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