I was in love with you when you were only an idea
A thought between us
In the folds of the sheets
A longing realised
I was in love with you for ever
Even before I jumped fully clothed into the tumult
The love was there waiting
For me to climb into
Like freshly washed pyjamas
Straight out of the tumble
I look at you
And the weight of the world builds
Behind my ribs
Clattering to escape
Heavy and weightless all at once
The oval-heart of your face
The smell of your skin
Your smiling eyes creasing
Floor me
I’ll love you always
The part of me that will live for ever
My boy
My love
My life

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One Response to Tom

  1. This is so beautiful, Cat. Thank you. That freshly washed still warm pyjama love. Yes 🙂 x

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