In The Dead Of Night

They come for me in the dead of night
The witching hour
When it’s always darkest
Those cruel men, in suits
Digging into my brain
With their rancid tooth picks
Making me question
Leaving me afraid
Leaving me lost
Floating on a sea with no sight of land

Every night they worm their way in
I question everything that I am
My choices
My judgement
My life
My world
Turning my pain, my disappointment, over and over and over
Like the coin in the trick
Holding my terror in a tightly closed fist

How could I play them
How could I win
It would have to be the long game
But I’m short on strength
Shorter on time
So I’ll get by on a halfway measure
A make shift compromise

If I halve my expectations
I can halve my fearful hours
I can soften the self inflicted blow
With a turn of the cheek
A shift imperceptible
I will self preserve
And sleep through the night

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