The big En Oh
A life bombarded by the negative
No you can’t
No you mustn’t
No you shouldn’t
No you won’t

Turned down
No will always mean no when it’s progress you’re after

When you hear the No. It’s a No
But when you utter the “no”
A flutter of a downcast pair of eyes
It’s a Yes
But of course it is
How could it possibly not be?
Why would you deny such opportunity?
Just another glass
Just a little line
Stay a little longer
Just get comfortable
Take off your top
Just your tights
We’ll just lie under the covers
You can’t possibly mean no
You’re here aren’t you?

The No meant No
You weren’t even listening for a yes

A Yes

The big Why E ESS
A welcoming
A giving
A sharing
Oh to hear a yes

Yes you can be
Yes you must do
Yes you will see
Yes you are

You are
Yes, you said No
Yes, you meant No

You, Yes You
You, who deserves to hear yes
Who works so hard to hear yes
The Yes in a world of No will come
Keep listening
Ear to the ground
Nose to the grindstone
The yes will come

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