Can you hear the Sirens coming?

When the siren rang out I didn’t hear it
Couldn’t possibly hear
It was stifled by the blinkers and the head in the clouds
The alarm bells that were ringing from the day I stepped into the world

Didn’t hear the hate
Didn’t see the danger
Didn’t run for my life

I lived that life in a state of numb
A bubble that protected, enveloped
I wore the clothes
Talked to be heard but not listened to

I declared “Freedom” – because I drove a car
Had a job
Paid my bills
Wore my choice

The calendar bounced a few decades
And the siren became an unavoidable death knell
A sound that demands attention
Where are my choices now?
Where is that job?
That independence?
Where is my freedom?

I took it, ignored it, never knew I never had it
Not really
Until it was gone and I realised it was only ever on loan
Given to me while I was worthy
Given to me while I served a purpose

And now?
That pretend freedom is being handed to another girl
Another girl will work and dress and act as she pleases
Thinking all the while that her choices and freedoms are hers
Not knowing about the unwritten loan guarantee;

Those freedoms must be given back

Many women never even passed the loan approval stage
They knew, were blinker free
They knew from oh so early on that freedom was a lie
Living their life in struggle
They weren’t fooled
They see the gameshow for what it is
They see the deception up close and personal
Fighting, forever fighting
For a freedom we must take
Not be given, for it to truly be ours

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