Shouting Back

Sitting, legs tucked under, laptop perched
She tip-taps away
Reaching out, sharing, supporting, learning
Her mind and heart open
Her defences down, bathing in the safety her home gives
Honest, genuine, kind, human

Sitting, upright, pawing at the keys
Heated by the thrill
Reaching out, sharing hate, diminishing
His mind knotted filth, his heart hollow
His defences up, always on the offence
Basking in the safety his society gives him
Faultless, unaccountable
Free to harm
To attack
To frighten

She fights back
The warrior beating back a tide of hatred in binary
Her armor now on
Her battlecry voiced, shouting back
To all who will listen
And those who will not
Powerful in her grace

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2 Responses to Shouting Back

  1. feministaspie says:

    So apparently this is exactly the thing I needed to hear tonight. Thanks! 🙂

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