The soundtrack to my childhood.

We moved into our house last October and I still haven’t got my act together to hook up the stereo to the speakers. These days I only listen to music when I’m in the car or on the train for work. When my husband and I were childfree we had music on pretty much every evening-I’m not sure why that changed, maybe something to do with heading for bed at 7pm most evenings.

Music for me is nostalgic in a way nothing else is-I have such evocative memories that come to front of mind when I hear certain tracks. It occurred to me that my little boy isn’t going to have that if I don’t start playing him some of my collection. When I was little we had a TV intermittently, it was regularly repossessed for lack of payment for the rental. But we had a record player and this was on for so much of the time. Some of my most vivid childhood memories are associated with the music I heard.

So here are my most memorable tracks/albums. The soundtrack to my most formative years;

Jean Michael Jarre – Oxygene.


This is my earliest memory of music-I was really poorly and this was playing, I think because I loved it and kept asking for it and I found it deeply calming, I still do. In fact whenever I hear this I get a little dizzy and spaced out and go back to that time when I was lying on the big floor cushion with a fever.

Talking Heads Little Creatures

little creatures

This is a beautiful and uplifting album and my mum used to play it super loud, she’d be cleaning or cooking and it would be playing at full belt. And She Was is beautiful.

Bob Marley and The Wailers – Catch a Fire

catch a fire

Bob Marley-I was in love with him. I loved everything about him. When I lost a dear friend 3 years ago, we played 3 little birds at his funeral, I cannot listen to Bob Marley now without either being transported back to the early 80s or to the day we said goodbye to Mo.

The Stranglers – Golden Brown

golden brown

I was 6 or 7 when this was released and even now when I hear it, I shiver. Something about this song has a deep rooted memory for me-not sure what it is, but I’m instantly back to our front room, the wooden cladding on the walls, the gas fire guard and big paisley floor cushion that me and my brother jumped about on. It’s still one of my favourite singles of all time.


santanaI actually can’t tell you much about the music on this album-I’m sure I’d remember it if I played it. But just look at the cover, we had it as a vinyl LP, so it was big-and a game I’d play with my mum was to count the number of faces in the picture. Go ahead and try, see if you can find more than me…

Neil Young-After The Gold Rush

neil young atgr

This Album is and always will be my dad. If I hear this, that’s what I think of. He had other Neil Young Albums, but this one was the one he played the most I think, at least it’s the one I remember clearest. I know that I will always be able to listen to these songs and he’ll be back with me.

The Police Synchronicity

police synchonicity

For some reason, my little brother and I were obsessed with this album. There’s a track called King Of Pain, but we called it “Little Black Spot” because of the lyrics and used to bounce around dancing to it like wild things. We were 6 and 8 years old respectively.

And so to the last album on this list and my first album of my own. Mum and Dad bought me Madonna, True Blue for my birthday. It was a CASSETTE! I adored it and played it until it snapped. I never really liked her much after that. But that album; if I hear it now I’m 11 again and in love with a beautiful blonde woman who is by far and away the most stunning person I’ve ever seen.

madonna true blue


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