A Year In The Life: A Poem

Languid heat, lethargy, nylon before lycra shiny in the brightness
A paddling pool with dirt and grass floating
Children leaping over and under
A muddy sodden patch on a shared lawn
Tears before bedtime, overwrought
Too hot with windows opened wide, long into the night

Over The Downs and far away
Crops are burning, acrid smoke making this child’s eyes water
Throat catching, compelling and hot

A mile from the sea but seagulls still visit
Citrus eyes stalking the overflowing bins
Rubbish bags piled on and on and over
The smoke and the stench of rot

The ten penny coat
A jumble sale find keeps the cold out
The days are shortening and the clouds roll in
Skinny arms and legs chap in the biting wind
Knee socks boiled grey, worn from many hand wringings

The stone clinking of glass marbles on a tiled floor
Fingerless gloves, leg warmers pink
The Box Of Delights
The hand me down eider down
The candlewick bedspread
The clothes on in bed
The breath you could see in your home
Your prayer to spring

Light later
A forward clock
New shoots
The ten penny coat tied round waist
Sandles and bare feet

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